Buy Cheap Feminized Seeds in the UK

Are you a first-time grower and looking to get started? If you don’t want to spend too much on your feminized cannabis seeds, Seedsman can help.

Feminised cannabis seeds are cannabis plants bred to produce only female strains. These plants have been modified to produce only bud-bearing female plants.

You can read the full story of feminized cannabis seeds here.

With some of the cheapest feminized cannabis seeds available online, you’re able to begin your growing journey for not much at all.

Cheap feminized cannabis seeds don’t mean they’re of poor quality. In fact, some of our best-feminized strains are available to suit any budget.

Here are a few of our favourite and cheap feminized seeds:


Badazz OG Cheese

1 seed (£3.45)
3 seeds (£6.72)
5 seeds (£9.48)
10 seeds (£15.52)

Resulting from a cross of one of the most popular stateside OG strains of the moment and a legendary classic, Badazz OG Cheese is an essential addition to your seed collection this year.

Badazz OG Cheese holds all of the traditional elements of its OG parent, which was the brainchild of US rapper Bad Azz of the Dogg Pound Gangsta Crips. However, the Cheese genetics take this strain to a whole new level in yield, taste, aroma, and cannabinoid content.

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The White OG

1 seed (£3.45)
3 seeds (£6.72)
5 seeds (£9.48)
10 seeds (£15.52)

The White OG is a brand new variety, bred from two immensely popular strains in the American market; OG Raskal and the Cannabis Cup winning Rolex OG.

While this strain may be short in stature, she offers a decent yield of uniquely hard buds and phenomenal resin production. In terms of taste and aroma, The White OG is everything you would expect a Kush strain to be; intense, pungent and earthy, with notes of pepper, lemon and diesel.

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Velvet Bud

1 seed (£7.41)
3 seeds (£11.94)
5 seeds (£18.74)
10 seeds (£31.78)

Velvet Bud is a revamp of Seedsman's original Purple Skunk strain, which has been refashioned to produce a much smoother smoking experience - hence the new name Velvet Bud is a close relative of our Purple Bud. Although very smooth, it nonetheless packs quite a punch; its powerful effect results in a very laid-back high which happily also has anti-anxiety properties.

Although suitable for growing indoors, outdoors and in a greenhouse, its 9-week flowering period is somewhat restrictive for outdoors growers except in warmer regions where the October harvest is not adversely affected by the onset of colder, wetter weather.

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We’ve got hundreds of cheap feminized seeds available for you today; happy hunting!

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