Cibdol Liposomal CBD + Vitamin C


Cibdol Liposomal CBD + Vitamin C

Product SKU: CIB-VITC-90-150ML
Cibdol Liposomal CBD + Vitamin C contains 90mg of Cannabidiol in every 150ml bottle. This is a Mild Strength CBD Product.
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    CBD Content (mg) : 6 mg. per 10 ml.
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CBD Strength

Seedsman CBD have assessed this product to have a Mild CBD Strength

CBD Strengths Explained

Key Information

  • Combination of CBD and Vitamin C
  • Harnesses Anti-Oxidant Properties of Both Primary Ingredients
  • Made using Full Spectrum Hemp Extract
  • Recommended Dose is 5ml once per day
  • Produced in Switzerland


Cibdol Liposomal Vitamin C + CBD comes in a 150 ml bottle containing a total of 90 mg of CBD. The combination of Vitamin C and CBD provides a shot of health-boosting compounds.

Vitamin C is known to have anti-oxidant qualities simultaneously helping to prevent the formation of free radicals which can destroy cells in the body. Likewise CBD also has powerful anti-oxidant properties.

Liposomes are capsule-like entities whose outer layer protects the active components contained therein with the aim of delivering them in an aqueous form to the target cells efficiently and without degradation during digestive transit. Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin and it is essential that the body gets fresh supplies each day.

This special formulation can be used to replace or supplement your usual CBD intake. Contains natural fruit flavour to enhance consumption.

The recommended dose is 5 ml once per day. After opening store in refrigerator and finish within 2 months.

About Cibdol

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Cibdol is a Swiss manufacturer of superior CBD products. Its commitment to the purity of its product range is evidenced by its 100% natural approach from the field to the laboratory. All of its CBD extracts and other raw materials are rigorously tested for any impurities and contaminants and only pure, golden hemp extract is used.

No herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilisers are employed either during cultivation of the hemp plants or further in the production process which means that consumers can rely on the purity and quality of all of its products.

The product range includes CBD oils in 5 different strengths, topical skin care preparations, CBD Capsules, a CBD sleeping aid, vitamins with CBD and even a range for your feline and canine friends.