Endoca CBD Hemp Salve


Endoca CBD Hemp Salve

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Endoca CBD Hemp Salve contains 750mg of CBD in each 30ml pack.
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    CBD Content (mg) : 250 mg. per 10ml. Full SpectrumLab TestedOrganic
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Key Information

  • Contains 750mg of CBD per pack
  • Made Using Full Spectrum Hemp Extract
  • Lab Tested to Guarantee Quality
  • Organically Grown
  • Blended with Beeswax, Vanilla and Lemon


Each 30 ml jar of Endoca CBD Hemp Salve contains 750 mg of CBD. This CBD Hemp Salve is made from 100% natural, organic, food grade ingredients. CBD when administered topically is absorbed by the skin. This salve is so pure, you can actually eat it!

Hemp Salve can be used on all parts of the body including the face and neck. It is a soothing cream which brings express relief for excessively dry, sore and broken skin.

Use as a barrier cream, skin conditioner, baby cream for nappy rash - safe even if your baby eats some by mistake!

About Endoca

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Endoca was established in The Netherlands (Holland) more than 10 years ago with the aim of producing the very best hemp CBD products. To this end Endoca grows its own organically-certified hemp on Danish farms and possesses its own seed bank containing in excess of one thousand CBD-producing strains with which an ongoing research programme is carried out.

Endoca has been awarded a GMP or Good Manufacturing Practice certificate which underlines its commitment to quality. Having control of every stage in the process from field to final product means that you can be sure of its products. In support of this approach independent third party laboratories are employed in order to test batches for strength and purity.

The CBD product range includes CBD oils, pastes, suppositories, chewing gum, topical creams and balm and CBD crystals.