Highest THC Strains from Seedsman

Every cultivator is looking for something different from their plants. Some want to grow the tallest, others want the most bang for their buck, and some want to grow the highest THC strain they possibly can.

Well, if you’re one of those people, then you’ll find what you’re looking for at Seedsman.

We’ve got some of the highest THC weed available—hundreds of different strains from dozens of cultivators.

There’s plenty to choose from, but here are three of our favourites:

White Widow Fast

23% THC

The original White Widow was tested pre-2000 at 24% THC, so this dynamic, fast flowering hybrid from Seedsman took one of the highest THC strains to the next level by adding extra vigour and extra aroma and extra flavour to the pre-existing White Widow.

A flowering time of 6-7 weeks makes this a cash croppers dream and one way to ensure multiple crops of high-grade classic flowers. Ideal also for those in European climates, which require a fast flowering strain high in THC.

When harvested, the aroma of the frosty white buds is woody and earthy with a mild berry, whilst the flavour is more deep and earthy, complemented by a crystal clear high that can last for hours.

Green Crack Auto

20% THC

Green Crack Auto is a great strain for all growers, including novices and the connoisseur cannabis consumer, and is one of the highest THC weed strains available. This sativa-dominant auto hybrid is fast, productive, flavoursome and imparts an energising, upbeat effect which is great for all social situations.

The taste of Green Crack Auto has a dominant mango flavour supported by floral and fruity notes, all of which are emphasised on the exhale. THC production is around 20%, with a low CBD of 0.7%. The overall effect is very uplifting, accompanied by euphoric sensations and creative energy for those possessed of such talent.

Grand Daddy Purple

23% THC

If you want to grow the world-famous Grand Daddy Purps, then this is the original and best.

An indica well-known for its medicinal properties, this wonderful plant turns purple as it flowers in 7-8 weeks, making this high THC strain perfect for short grows and a sea of green setups.

Recently, Grand Daddy Purps has made a serious comeback. With many new breeders in the USA using this indica as the main breeding block, no wonder strains such as Purple Punch and Grandoggy Purps are so well respected. This high THC strain is well known for its therapeutic benefits as well as complex cherry earthy flavours. A great producer of dark purple buds and a THC level of 23%, this is one for professional smokers who can endure a high THC strain with serious power.

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