CBD Creams have gained significant popularity over the last few years, likely due to the combination of its ease of use, non-psychoactive properties and legal changes within the industry.

Simply put CBD Creams are lotions, balms or topicals that have been infused with a concentrated form of CBD extracted from an industrial grown hemp plant.

The process of infusing CBD into the product typically occurs through extraction using Carbon Dioxide. This clean method of extraction ensures that no solvent residuals make their way into the finished product.

A well as the inclusion of CBD, these creams also contain a number of different components, such as essential oils. This ensures increased bioavailability and general product efficacy.

Commonly, CBD Creams are applied and subsequently absorbed via the skin. This method of absorption ensures that the product combines with CB2 receptors found in our skin, and targets the affected area.

Because CBD cannot reach the bloodstream via the skin, these are not suitable products for full-body relief but are ideal for more concentrated, problematic areas.

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