Love CBD Entourage Oil Spray (10%)


Love CBD Entourage Oil Spray (10%)

Product SKU: LOVE-EOS-2000
Love CBD 10% Entourage Oil Spray contains 2000mg of CBD and CBDa per 20ml bottle. This is a High Strength CBD Product.
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    CBD Content (mg) : 1000 mg. per 10ml. Full SpectrumLab TestedOrganicVegan
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CBD Strength

Seedsman CBD have assessed this product to have a High CBD Strength

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Key Information

  • Contains a range of cannabinoids and terpenoids
  • Easy-to-use spray bottle
  • Lab Tested to Guarantee Quality
  • Organically Grown
  • Contains 2000mg of CBD and CBDa


Love CBD Entourage Oil Spray is the result of years of tireless research and investigation from Dutch based producers.

Following the principals of legendary cannabinoid researcher Raphael Mechoulam, Love CBD have combined oils from a number of legal cannabis strains to create a product that can produce the 'Entourage effect'.

Mechoulam suggested that cannabis compounds such as CBD, work better when take together. In short, a full-spectrum cannabis extract should be more effective than a CBD extract alone.

Love CBD Entourage Oil Spray has a 4% CBD content, alongside trace elements of a number of other cannabinoids (CBDa, CBG) and terpenoids (beta-Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Limonene).

This product comes in a 20ml bottle, containing 10ml of CBD oil combined with 10ml of olive oil. This helps thin the liquid, allowing for ease of administration through the handy spray nozzle.

The oil is produced from hemp grown on farms in the Netherlands, Lithuania, Slovenia and Croatia without the use of pesticides, man-made fertilisers or any chemical processes.


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About LoveCBD

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Love CBD is a family-run U.K. enterprise located in Newmarket, Suffolk. It was established at a time when the only CBD oils that were available were produced from industrial hemp waste material left over from other processes. Love CBD saw the potential for much higher quality hemp extracts processed from purpose-grown hemp flowers.

The hemp for Love CBD products is grown without any chemical intervention at all. That means no herbicides, pesticides or man-made fertilisers. In fact hemp is such a hardy, vigorously-growing plant that it grows very well unaided.

Amongst the products in Love CBD's range the Entourage Oil is particularly noteworthy due to its incorporating an assortment of legal cannabis plants from around the globe which provide a wide spectrum of cannabinoids. It gets its name from the Entourage Effect, a concept defined by Raphael Mechoulam, the discoverer of both THC and CBD who posited the notion that cannabinoids are more effective when administered together.