An often overlooked, but nonetheless effective way of ensuring CBD enters the body, crystals are the highest-grade Cannabidiol isolates available and often hold around 98% CBD purity.

There are a number of ways that CBD crystals can be used for maximum efficiency. You can mix the crystals with a carrier oil or use it as an ingredient for a variety of edibles. Both of these methods allow you to choose the CBD concentration.

More immediate ways to consume the CBD crystals are through vaping or dabbing. If you use a vape, simply mix the crystals with your e-liquid, then heat and wait for the crystals to dissolve.

Dabbing crystals is the quickest way to ensure you obtain the necessary dose of CBD and works by simply inhaling the vaporised crystals when they have been heated.

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  • Canavape CBD Crumble (93%)

    52,57 $
  • Pharmahemp CBD Crumble (90%)

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  • Harmony Pure CBD Crystals (99%)

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  • Pharmahemp CBD Crystals (99%)

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  • Pharmahemp CBG Crystals (97%)

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  • Endoca CBD Crystals (99%)

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