About Us

Since 2002, Seedsman has been a market leader in the field of cannabis and hemp. 

We are passionate about the therapeutic properties of the plant and excited by its growing reputation in the health and wellbeing industries; for this reason we launched Seedsman CBD in 2018.

Seedsman intends to bring clarity to the CBD market by offering customers high-grade, high quality, laboratory- tested products from the most reputable brands within the industry.

Every product that we sell has detailed information attached, including a comprehensive breakdown of ingredients, ingestion methods and instructions of use. 

At Seedsman CBD, we recognise the importance of quality analysis and endeavour to put all of our products through rigorous testing for potency and purity. Third party certificates of analysis ensure that we only retail goods of the highest standards possible.All products will contain the declared amount of CBD or will be withdrawn from our listings if testing produces different results.

We have a comprehensive range of CBD products that includes oils, creams, edibles, e-liquids and much more. By offering a wide range of products, we hope to cater for every customers requirements.

Although we do not stock any products that contain significant amounts of THC, we support further research into the potential therapeutic properties of all cannabinoids, particularly full spectrum products. We will add products with more varied cannabinoid profiles as and when laws permit us to do so.

Above all, Seedsman CBD commit to the highest levels of customer satisfaction. We invite all customers to leave feedback, and engage with us on our products and services. Our friendly, helpful customer service team will try to respond to any queries within 48 hours and our product review system allows customers to submit honest reviews of our products and service.