Cheap Autoflowering Seeds in the UK

Are you a first-time grower and looking to get started? If you’re looking for cheap autoflower cannabis seeds, then Seedsman can help.

The premise behind autoflowering strains is a simple one: as time moves forward, they will ‘automatically’ flower rather than flower according to a fixed or timed light cycle. Put another way; the cannabis plants flower automatically on their own after a fairly short vegetative period – no more than 2 to 4 weeks.

Automatic cannabis strains are ideal for growers who are short on time, energy and especially space. In fact, in this regard, feminised autoflowering strains are an excellent choice. The last few years have seen some excellent autoflower strains released to the market.

When it comes time for Autos, Seedsman knows them well; in fact, we were the world’s first seed bank to sell autoflowering strains. By their very nature, it’s not easy to get cheap autoflowering seeds in the UK or anywhere else due to their genetics, but we’ve done our best to keep prices to suit every budget.

Some of our favourite cheap autoflowering seeds include:

Lemon Auto

Auto Lemon is an inbred cross auto-flowering marijuana strain created by fertilising a Lemon Haze female plant with pollen from a male Lowryder #2 plant courtesy of The Joint Doctor.

Auto Lemon develops into an easy-to-grow medium-sized auto plant with a tendency to conform to a single cola growth pattern with little side-branching, making it an ideal Sea of Green strain for indoors or a stealthy option for outdoors during the summer months.


DC Cure 1:1

DC Cure 1:1 CBD Auto is a feminised seed strain that is the first low THC - high CBD strain bred by Doctor's Choice. DC Cure 1:1 produces equal amounts of THC and CBD at approximately 6% of each cannabinoid. These plants are easy to grow, even for beginner's, and have a relatively short life cycle.

No previous experience is necessary to produce healthy plants that reach full maturity. DC Cure 1:1 CBD Auto withstands adverse outdoor conditions well and is also a success when cultivated indoors. Plants grow to more than 100 cm. plus indoors or between 50 - 120 cm. outdoors, taking between 60 - 70 days to complete their life-cycle with outdoor-grown plants likely to take closer to the full 70 days.

Yields can be maximised by employing the SCRoG method, whereby greater light exposure allows inner buds to maximise their potential.



Euforia Auto is a hybrid cross of the well-known Euforia with an Auto Skunk. The euphoric high of the original Skunk strain is maintained in this auto-flowering version.

Auto Euforia is a sativa-dominant plant that grows indoorsoutdoors and in greenhouses. It is an easy-to-grow strain that has a compact and bush-like structure. It grows one meter tall or slightly higher and has a total life cycle of 10 - 11 weeks from germination through to harvest.

Despite its ease of cultivation, it nonetheless produces very high-quality harvests.

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