Fourfive 0% THC CBD Oil (3%) - 30 ml.


Fourfive 0% THC CBD Oil (3%) - 30 ml.

Product SKU: FOUR5-OIL-0THC-030-30ML
Certified 0% THC and suitable for all athletes, professional and amateur. BSCG taested. Pour en savoir plus
    CBD Content (mg) : 333.33 mg/10 ml. Lab TestedVegan
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CBD Strength

Seedsman CBD have assessed this product to have a Medium CBD Strength

CBD Strengths Explained

Key Information

  • Contains 3% CBD
  • Certified 0% THC by BSCG
  • Lab Certified to Guarantee Quality
  • Suitable for Vegans
  • Terpenes

    • Non
  • Other Ingredients

  • Instructions

    Take 2 sprays 3 times per day


Fourfive 0% THC CBD Oil with 3% CBD in 30 ml. spray bottles has been specially produced for athletes of all kinds who wish to take advantage of the benefits of CBD oil without running into any potential drug testing issues around the presence of even tiny amounts of THC. It is a medium-strength CBD oil.

To date this is the only CBD oil available anywhere that has been tested for cross-contamination by the Banned Substance Control Group (BSCG) which has no parallel in terms of dietary supplement certification. The rigorous manufacturing and certification processes give athletes total peace of mind regarding both in- and out-of-competition testing.

This CBD oil is made using CO2 extraction just like all of Fourfive CBD Oil products and utilises a broad spectrum hemp/cannabis extract rather than the full-spectrum version used in their other oils which might include traces of THC. This extract is dissolved in a medium chain triglyceride oil which improves the digestion and bio-availability (absorption) of the active ingredients.

Each 30 ml. bottle of Fourfive 0% THC CBD Oil (3%) contains sufficient oil for 240 sprays. One spray of this CBD oil contains 4.1 mg. of CBD, two sprays equate to 8.3 mg. It is recommended to take 2 sprays 3 times per day and never to exceed 200 mg. in any one day.

This Fourfive CBD oil is also independently laboratory-tested by a third party to guarantee freedom from herbicides and pesticides and they are also vegan friendly.

About FourFiveCBD

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FourFiveCBD is a new British company specialising in CBD products with a unique selling point. It was founded by two professional rugby union players, England and British Lions' George Kruis and his Saracens' club team mate Dom Day. Having used CBD themselves to enhance recovery from injuries, matches and training they became convinced of its efficacy for athletes and sports persons.

CBD is already approved by WADA (the World Anti-Doping Agency) and FourFiveCBD's 0% THC CBD Oil is the only CBD product as yet to have been tested and cleared for use by the BSCG (Banned Substance Control Group) which is un-paralleled in terms of the certification of dietary supplements. Highly rigorous production and testing techniques enable athletes of all kinds to benefit from CBD and to have complete peace of mind regarding both in- and out-of-competition testing.

FourFiveCBD's products aren't exclusively for athletes, however, as anyone can benefit from its range of varying strength CBD oils, including natural orange-flavoured ones, as well as its skin balm and capsules.