Which CBD concentration is right for you

CBD comes in a variety of forms and strengths. Choosing the right product means considering the strength or concentration that will be best suited for you. To make this process easier we have categorised the CBD products we sell into three strengths: mild, medium and high.

Oils, capsules and water soluble products are graded similarly, with mild being 0-3%; medium strength - 4-9%; and high strength - 10% and above.

Pastes are naturally high in CBD content because they are a more concentrated product. Our strength rating reflects this with the mild rating (0- 20%) being a higher concentration of CBD than most of the oils we sell; medium strength is 21-40%; and high strength is above 40%.

E-liquids have a considerably higher rate of bioavailability than edibles because the CBD enters the bloodstream via the lungs as opposed to the digestive system, meaning less is broken down and more is available for your body to use. Our strength rating of e-liquids acknowledges this, with mild liquids being 0-2%, medium strength - 2.1%-4.9%, and high strength - 5% and above.

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We have not rated the strength of our hemp creams because several of the creams contain other botanical extracts which work synergistically to create an overall effect. Rating the cream on its CBD content alone could therefore be misleading.

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Your motivations for using CBD will determine the strength of product most appropriate for you. For general well-being we recommend to start by using a product with lower CBD concentration in order to determine the lowest effective dose. Everybody has a unique internal biochemistry and endocannabinoid tone, meaning that some people will experience noticeable benefits on a mild strength product while others need higher concentrations to achieve the same effect.